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Welcome to Good Morning Miss Winter.

Part 01: Haven Winter works in a cafè. She's been stuck in the job since college, but she loves it anyway. One day her boss decides to hire a young girl named Sophie to the staff. Sophie's lack of manners, her attitude and rudeness makes Havens lovely job enviroment into a complete nightmare. Part 02: Adam moves back to his hometown after his girlfriend and his daughter, after the girlfriend decided to leave him to pursue a job in the capital city as a makeupartist. He realises as he do that he cant get a job and ends up homeless, before being saved by Maria (Crystal), a witty genderfluid woman running a shelter for LGBTQ children and teenagers who's been thrown out of their homes.

Hello gentlemen/women

About time for a news thing, I've been thinking hard about the fate of this comic for the past months.
I'm not willing to really let it go, but I dont know how I will get time to continue a SECOND comic at this quality since Extinct became such a huge project despite its original plan to just be a 2 chapter-long gore fest.
I DO however plan to do more comics, and since this comic is fair to say pretty old and art is very outdated, I'm thinking of making a new comic with these characters, in the same universe- but in stripform.
The comic will still be called Good morning, miss winter. The reason I want to put it in a simpler form is also because i am currently trying to make small albums of different comics, so a new version of GMMW is definately on the list.
The comic will also continue where it left off here-
Another reason to make it a simpler story is to do something new and experiment a bit. Having two graphic novels is good and all but I felt very stuck while drawing GMMW artwise since it was never really 'challenging me' the right way, even if i got alot of things i should improved i didnt.
When I started Extinct i forced myself to improve on different things, as well as i got a bit better ground to improve because i started attending a comic meetup once a week where we help each other out.
I will throw out a message when the comic will get out, right now I need to finish my current chapter of Extinct before I want to do anything else.
Norway needs more LGBT comics so Im not going to waste this story away, so it will be interesting to see where it goes.

The comic will also be printed, possibly, in stripform :-)

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New awkward poll

Ive made a new poll!

If there is other preferances do comment! XD
The winner couple gets an even awkwarder illustration!

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I've made a blogpage and webpage for everything I do (and more) which will contain both concept art, scetches, art among other stuff.
You can find it here

I also made a poll where you can vote which character you like the most of the characters in both GMMW and Extinct so far which is found on the site.

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Plans further for GMMW (Some minor spoiler warning/summary of ideas in case this is an issue)

Not sure if this news-thing is something people read or can see but ill write some anyway.
Since I'm still kind of griefing over my mothers sudden passing my past weeks has been filled with lack of sleep and constant numbness to my surroundings.
I've had sort or problems concentrating, making especially Good morning, Miss Winter suffer a bit. I've put alot of Extinct up since the story is basically already written while as GMMW needs some re-writing because the story plot kind of grew old pretty fast.
Ill write a bit about GMMW since Extinct has taken so much space lately.
I'm not planning to quit it, in fact i got huge plans for it. Which is why its kind of on a non planned hitatius.
My main problem was the bad planning on how to set it up.
Torn vines starts up with how Adam winds up living with Crystal Belune, and then the second chapter is about how Adam reunites with Zen.
The reunition was supposed to happen at the end of Sweets and giggles (part 2) but i moved it to Torn vines due i felt sweets and giggles already had so much stuff going on.
This might've postponed the story of torn vines for a while and i kind of fell out of it.
I'm starting chapter 3 now, first page coming out this weekend, which is the continuation of the original story.
This is also the first chapter which shows more of the new character(s) which has had apperances through out the story but mostly in the background.
Crystal was originally meant to be a cis woman who acted like a bitch (old Karen, basically) to Haven. It gets barely mentioned in the old draft of the comic that Haven has a bad gang of friends that hates men. Lets just say she changed ALOT.

The reason i feel part 2 needs a bit of a re-write is because i feel like my idea of Crys has changed alot since the first draft of the story. It was very based on her way of handeling being transgender and her problems at work. These still has some minor roles in her life and hunts her, there was also a bit of a side-story about her very successfull twin brother Christian and how he has a unhealthy relationship to his 'brother' through out their childhood. This is still things i want to keep in.
But because of Crystal and the symbolism she stands for, which is similar to Zens 'coming out' story starting slowly, i kind of want to focus on her relationship to everyone around her.
She's more than just trans or genderfluid and theres more to her. Im tired of writing 'coming out' stories and despite Crys already being out there she's dealing with the aftermath.
But since she's still not all out to her collegues in the beauty business and her problems with her family there's a awkward double life going on where she's constantly switching from Daniel to Crystal, playing the role of a father but also running a homeless shelter as a woman/caretaker of teenagers.
She has strong feelings to Adam but has also problems with accepting/finding out who she is. What started as innocent crossdressing and curiousity ended up more serious to her than she realised, the idea of actually being 100% a woman scares her.
So in a way she's out as trans, but keeps telling herself she's 50%/fluid yet she identify so much to Crystal but has problems accepting that fact.
I also wanted to portray a woman who's content about her body despite it all, maybe why she feels so bad about the feeling of being a woman because of that very fact?
She's still not 100% content but she's not having major dysphoria beside the lack of breasts and maybe her voice.
She's also a grown up character so her life has already been settled so its hard to let go. Its a cluser fuck of things to deal with.
Next to this theres Adam who's settling with his new life in Oslo and has problems with his ex who he has sacreficed so much for, but who seem to drag him down (unintentionally).
He's also developing feelings to Crys but its complicated and gets more complicated when she doesnt really know who she is anymore (is she Daniel???? Or Crys???? Both? She feels more like a Crystal but should feel bad??? Why doesnt she???).
Haven and Zen has already sort of gotten their life on track, though Zen feels like he's missing out alot because he's constantly busy and he's nervous that Haven will leave him since he's started testosterone. His insecurity to their relationship starts showing and Haven struggles with dealing with that, as well as how his past traumatic relationship to his ex boyfriend is starting to take toll on his new relationship to Haven. While these two is running in the background their story is not all done.
In the background as well, Rosstein Sacko, has developed feelings to Haven and this confuses Haven even further when Zen is gone and she's gay and he's coming onto her.
And in a way, she enjoys the attention.

I've left out some major storylines for obvious reasons since it spoils alot but i hope that clears up my plan further for the comic :)

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Yeah heres a title for you

I dont even know if people read SJ 'news', but oh well here's some anyway;

As you've seen, Sweets and Giggles and Torn Vines has merged into one, i apologize for the confusion if you get to todays page and its a new story and wonder what the hell happened.
If you want to read back to chapter 7 of Sweets and Giggles, here's a short cut for you:

Torn Vines has gotten a bit of a edit, its nothing HUGE, there's a bit change in dialogue here and there, the only page with a difference that has some sort of impact of the story is page 17, where it changed from Adam talking to his cat to mention Zen being dead. It was supposed to be a part of the storyline but I decided to put it in earlier (Obviously Zens not dead, but he does indeed think so).
I've also added 2 character-bios in Torn Vines, you can find them here;

And one for Haven for part 1:

Ill try get one for Olivia, Tiffany and Zen later.
Zens will obviously be at found at part 1.

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Currently the update scedule for Sweets and Giggles will be a bit slower, to make part 2 catch up.
When I started part 2 i thought that i had to stall part 2 and update slower for it to catch up with Part 1! But in this whole mess i found out there's no point anyway since i've re-written a bit of the ending of S&G to fit better with the start of Torn Vines.
I will try update Sweets every week, maybe every second, i need to see how far I get with Torn Vines. Sweets and Giggles only have about 9 pages left, so obviously we're getting close to an end of part 1. :( But the comic is not ended, of course, it continues at Torn Vines part 2 :)!

I have also been thinking of merging Torn Vines together with Sweets, but it makes it a bit messy so for now there's two different pages for both of the comic stories. But its still the same comic.
Oh well here i am rambling.

TLDR: Updates will be unfrequent for Sweets and Giggles, will try update as
much ass possible, will update Torn Vines a bit more to catch up.

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Good Morning....

I dont even know if people read these news thingies.... But I just want to remind you there's a facebookpage for this comic
and i update with art and shit on there. So yeah take a look if you dare...!

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